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Sarah - World Traveler

Meet Sarah. A working mom, an enthusiastic traveler and an Engle Roberts woman. We met up with her before she travels to Phuket, Thailand for a week. She let us photograph her packing list including some key Engle Roberts clothing (see above).

1) Where is your favorite destination?

That's a tough question. I would say for food, Sri Lanka, for color, India, for wine and decadence, France, and everywhere in between.

2) What would you never leave at home while traveling?

Other than my passport, a sleep hat (I use it to cover my face on planes) and one life-saving scarf.

3) What's your favorite Engle Roberts piece?

It has to be anything in the Italian Travel Tech. The fabric is amazing! I've traveled to China, France, Spain, Myanmar, with Travel Tech pieces. The best thing about the fabric is that I can hand wash it in the hotel sink, air dry it and its as good as new!

4) Where to next?

India! Again!!